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26 July 2017

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Fine late C18th George III period mahogany neo-classical design elliptical pier or side table in the manner of Robert Adam , with reputed important provenance.
Fine late C18th George III period mahogany neo-classical design elliptical pier or side table in the manner of Robert Adam , with reputed important provenance. Elegantly-proportioned pier table standing upon square section tapering legs terminating with tapered moulded-section block feet. The frieze applied with exceptionally well-carved oval 'sun-flower head' paterae above the waist moulding on the tops of the leg-stiles. The carved ovals deriving inspiration from classical antiquity, alluding to the lyrical poetry of Apollo and the Roman "Temple of Peace" and "Temple of Concord". The gently swept silhouette and outline of the frieze with well-chosen figured veneers. The elliptical top with equally well-figured timber which has achieved a good rich patina and colour.
By descent from a local Worcestershire family , by repute having been purchased in 1948 at auction of residual furniture and effects from 'Croome Court', Worcestershire , the neo-Palladian mansion seat of the Earls of Coventry. An auction was conducted by the local firm of "Bentley,Hobbs & Mytton" on Tuesday December 7th 1948 upon the premises. This sale comprised the remaining contents of the house, the major and important contents having been sold by auction at Sotheby's ,London in June 1948. Our research has not identified an exact description to match this table in the records of the furnishings supplied to Croome Court by the leading cabinet-making firms of Chippendale , Vile&Cobb, France&Bradburn ,and Mayhew&Ince,to the designs of Robert Adam. However, it is also known that large quantities of further 'antique' furniture and effects were acquired in the early C20th by the 9th Earl of Coventry and added to the house. Much of this 'added' furniture was purchased with his winnings on his travels following visits to race-courses around the country (see Sara Kay* study for National Trust "Croome Redefined " p. 276). Indeed the original scheme was 'over-furnished' by the 9th Earl and an eclectic mix filled the Court.
It is therefore possible , if not part of the original Adam scheme, that this late C18th period table was added to the collection during this era. To support this reputed provenance further, we have searched the Bentley Hobbs & Mytton catalogue of June 1948 and identified a possible entry for this table. Lot number 868 lists an "Antique mahogany table on square legs" (though the stated dimensions differ) as forming part of the contents of "The Green Dining Room" . This attribution is further supported by the faintly scripted word "Green" on the rear frame of the table. The "Green Dining Room" was a later decorative scheme designed by the 9th Earl , altering part of the original design for the house from the "Dining Parlour".
Importantly also, Sarah Kay's * extensive study of Croome also notes : "It is interesting to compare the inventory taken upon the death of the 9th Earl in 1930 with that of the 6th Earl in 1809. It lists similar quantities of mahogany furniture...including a bow-front side table". This obviously suggests the table could indeed be part of the original scheme and possibly overlooked for the London sale, possibly because of its restrained simplicity.This table is of high quality and undoubtedly from a premier London workshop of the Adam period, and although provenance cannot be further established by documentation , it is a probability that the family's reputed provenance of "the Croome table" is correct and that the table has remained in the Worcestershire area since its purchase in 1948 .(Copies of research and sources available)
*Sarah Kay "Croome Re-defined" . A study for National Trust.
The Scottish neo-classical architect and designer Robert Adam (1728-1792) was instructed by George William, 6th Earl of Coventry to update the design of the interior of Croome Court in 1760 . Excellent original condition ,with rich patina and colour.
H.33.5" x D.23.5" x W.63" . England c.1770
Ref: MLTH 1603
Price: £32,000

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Pair of C19th Neo-classical design pier tables incorporating C18th 'Portoro' marble tops.
Pair of C19th Neo-classical design pier tables incorporating C18th 'Portoro' marble tops .

Concieved in the 'antique manner' of the late C18th when a rebirth of classicism took place , "neo-classicism" ,drawing its influence and design from the classical worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome .

The serpentine outline tables of bold architectural form , with deeply fluted friezes and severely tapering fluted supports terminating in moulded block feet . The frieze featuring a rectangular central tablet with carved swag decoration in the classical style .
The stiles at the tops of the legs with well-carved "Apollo Sun-flower" paterae , again evoking and influenced by ,the ancient Empires and structures such as the 'Temple of Peace' from the Roman Forum .

Decorated in worn 'stone' or creamy-white paint , supporting the shaped and moulded edge C18th 'Portoro' marble slab tops .

Portoro being a black-and-gold figured marble that originates in Italy , favoured in the late C18th .

The design resonates from the drawings and designs of the leading English architects and exponents of Neo-classicism in the C18th , such as Robert Adam or Sir William Chambers.

Excellent powerfully-designed pair of pier or console tables with the presence ,style and impact of important tables from the C18th period .

It is highly likely that these C19th bases were produced to replicate the lost or damaged C18th originals in order to encompass the use of the period marble tops.

Strong , robust condition with no losses. The patina of the frames in imitation of C18th decoration.
The marble tops with evidence of minor historic restorations, though uncompromised .

H 32"
W 40"
D 21"
England c. 1850
Ref: ML168
Price: £12,500

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Fine early C19th Regency period ladies 'work-table' inlaid with specimen wood veneers.
Fine early C19th Regency period ladies 'work-table' inlaid with specimen wood veneers. Exceptional quality sewing table decorated with exotic specimen wood veneers. Tables of this type became exceedingly fashionable during the early C19th , and this premium quality example was without doubt supplied as a bespoke piece by a leading cabinet-maker . The top inlaid with a lozenge/diamond design and quartered corners featuring exotic timbers such as palm/palmaletta, rosewood, burr-maple, satinwood , coromandel ,ebony and others. The work 'basket' and frame are veneered in burr-maple and rosewood ,whilst the legs, linings and carcass are mahogany. Both the shallow frieze drawer and the basket are lined in original red paper. The top has an ebony mould surround. The finely-turned legs terminating in brass cup-castors.

The use of the exotic timbers ,quality of workmanship and design all point to a probable attribution to Gillow's of Lancaster. It is recorded that sets of 4 and 5 nesting tables in exotic wood veneers were supplied by Gillow (see Christies Sale no.6548 Lot no. 116 ) whilst a specimen wood work-box of this genre featuring 72 woods and made for Miss Giffard of Nerquis, is in The Judges' Lodgings Museum Lancaster made by Robert Gillow and Bros.of Lancaster in 1808 (see Susan E.Stuart "Gillows of Lancaster and London" Vol.II pp 139-149).

Wonderful quality rare and sophisticated table in excellent original, first-class condition.
Provenance:from a local deceased Worcestershire estate.
H 28"
L 25"
W 15".
England c.1810
Ref: MLFSL 148
Price: £12,500

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Rare C19th Indo-Portuguese carved rosewood garniture of mirrors.
Rare C19th Indo-Portuguese carved rosewood garniture of mirrors .

Incredibly well-detailed carved decorative set of 3 mirrors , comprising large oval mirror and pair of shelved arched-top mirror-backed side mirrors. The intricate deep carving depicting exotic fruits , vegetables and flowers from the sub-continent . The oval mirror showing European influence of design with a carved ribbon surmount . The set also features a carved pineapple motif , long regarded in the West as a symbol of wealth and hospitality.

Probably produced in the state of Goa , Western India , an area long colonised by the Portuguese as an important trading base , and reknowned for the production of quality carved wares in both timber and ivory for export to the West.

Stunning quality set of mirrors , almost certainly unique and possibly produced as exhibition pieces. A masterful 'tour-de-force' example of the skills of the carver , resulting in an arresting and flourishing display of striking visual impact together with exhuberant excess.

Excellent colour and original condition .
The deeply carved rosewood frames having achieved a glowing contrasting patination and highlights . The original oval mirror plate with minor areas of atmospheric 'foxing'. Original panelled back to oval .

H(oval) 50"
W 35"
D 4"
H (pair) 31"
W 10"
D 5"
India c. 1860
Ref: ML 1701
Price: £12,000

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C18th French Regence period 'parcloses' gilt-wood mirror
C18th French Regence period 'parcloses' gilt-wood mirror. Wonderful original gilding with crisply carved shell-motif frame with floral carving and incised leaf decoration .Retains its original 'foxed' silver grey plates .Impressive scale .
H 70"
W 39 ".
France c.1740
Ref: ML 87
Price: £10,000

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Matched mid-Victorian suite of ormolu-mounted Circassian burr-walnut and figured-walnut tables , comprising of a closely-matched 'pair' of gaming/card tables and an en-suite single-drawer writing table or bureau-plat.
Matched mid-Victorian suite of ormolu-mounted Circassian burr-walnut and figured-walnut tables , comprising of a closely-matched 'pair' of gaming/card tables and an en-suite single-drawer writing table or bureau-plat.

High-quality English-made walnut tables in the French Louis XV/XVI taste . All raised on fine cabriole-legged supports ,of shaped serpentine form with kingwood and amboyna bandings and edges ,mounted with finely-cast rococo-style ormolu mounts .

The matched pair of card tables with variances to the ormolu sabots to the feet and minor differences to castings. The cross-banded hinged ,folding ,swivel-tops with original baize-lined playing surfaces ,velvet edges and polished interiors . One table having kingwood banding around the baize. Variances to choice of burr and figured veneers , but both tables of matching dimensions and form .
Circassian walnut (Juglans Regia) originating from Eastern Europe and Asia displays the strong characteristics of tight burr grain and dark figuring , and is favoured by cabinet-makers for its quality .

The writing table with single concealed frieze drawer with mahogany lining . Again of shaped serpentine form with closely matching ormolu mounts to the cabriole legs. Finely-figured and burr walnut top with moulded edges and corners and quarter-veneered cross-banded top .

Excellent original colour and patina . No repairs ,damage or losses.

Purchased by us from a local property, having been assembled as a suite of tables by the previous owners during the first quarter of the C20th, and forming a wonderful group .(3 pieces)

Probably made by the highly-esteemed cabinet-making firm, Gillows of Lancaster and London .

Pair of Card tables W. 40" x D. 24" x H. 29"
Writing table. W. 39" x D. 24" x H. 29"

England c. 1870

Ref: ML 164
Price: £9,000

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Fine late C19th Italian carved white statuary marble figure of a bather by Pietro Bazzanti , Florence.
Fine late C19th Italian carved white statuary marble figure of a bather by Pietro Bazzanti , Florence.

Large carved white marble figure of a draped bather leaning against a rocky outcrop. The subject almost certainly an interpretation of the Goddess Venus bathing , or 'after the Bath' , based upon and evoking , antique classical sculpture studies of the deity. The figure is depicted leaning against the rocks ,clutching a robe or wrap , to her left breast with her hand , whilst her right hand supports her weight on the rocks behind. The hair shown swept back and held by a band or diadem , alluding to her status as a Goddess . The face having a calm , serene expression , whilst the curvaceous body is modesty wrapped and shielded from open view by the folds of the drapery .

The workshops and studio gallery of the Italian 'Pietro Bazzanti e Figlio ' , (Pietro Bazzanti and Son ) were central in the production of Florentine sculpture throughout the mid and late nineteenth century. The gallery , originally Bazzanti's studio , was inaugurated in 1822 and is still open today . Pietro Bazzanti and the studio, later under the control of his son , Niccolo , specialised in allegorical and genre subjects, as well as copies of Antique and Renaissance sculpture. Regarded as being some of the most talented sculptors and workshops of the period , their skill of historicising romantic subjects , such as the sculpture offered here , became popular in the late nineteenth century .

Signed to the rear of the base "Bazzanti, Florence" (rather than"Firenze") , indicating that this sculpture was probably made for the English-speaking market of Britain or the U.S.A.

Raised on a naturalistically carved ovoid base , having been skilfully hewn and sculpted from a single block of pure white statuary marble.

In excellent condition with no breaks, losses or damage.

H 31"
W 13"
D 18"
Italy , Florence c.1890
Ref: ML 1701
Price: £8,500

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Early C19th Regency mahogany dining table in the manner of Gillows of Lancaster.
Early C19th Regency mahogany dining table in the manner of Gillows of Lancaster. Highly practical and adaptable drop-leaf centre dining table of 3 sections raised upon 12 finely-turned and shaped legs. The twin D-ends raised upon original brass socket castors. The drop-leaf centre section with double gate-action to each leaf which provides a stable platform when open to secure to the D-ends with the original brass sockets and forks.
Highly-quality manufacture throughout with cock-beaded rule joints between all the elements to achieve an excellent fit when clipped together. The design and grade of timber offering a strong attribution to the workshops of Gillows of Lancaster , although not signed.

A good practical dining table with a completely flat top when fully extended. Could be used in a variety of forms to suit different occasions and functions. Adapting as 2 side tables and a drop-leaf supper table when not required in full form.

Comfortable 10-seater dining table when fully-extended. The turned legs being inset to the frame to aid comfort of seating and the shallow frieze offering good leg-room.

All original throughout . Variations to colour through exposure to sun-light , the slightly darker drop-leaves having been less used , however it has the original surface and has achieved a pleasing lightly-faded mellow patina.
Some marks and old scratches to polish and surface commensurate with age and use , but crucially retaining its original 'skin' and polished surface.
W 48"
L (full) 100"
L (leaves down)64"
H 29"
Depth of frieze inc.top 4.5"
England c.1820
Ref: MLTH 163
Price: £7,800

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Pair of early C20th Royal Worcester Porcelain oval plaques both signed by R .Rushton
Pair of early C20th Royal Worcester Porcelain oval plaques both signed R .Rushton . Puce Royal Worcester stamp with date code 1919 .Now in modern replacement frames .Beautifully painted seascape scenes , each titled on reverse "Off the Mumbles " and "Bamburgh Castle ".
9" x 6" plaque size .
Perfect condition.
Worcester, England c.1919
Ref: ML 127
Price: £7,000

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C18th George III period mahogany long-case clock
C18th George III period mahogany long-case clock by 'RICHARD MASON .St Albans'.

Fitted classically-engraved silvered arch dial with Roman numeral hour markings ,Arabic minute and date markers .Fitted with blued steel hands , five-pillar ,8-day duration, hour-striking movement on bell together with brass date-hand . Intricate pierced fret-work sides to hood .Great colour ,stunning quality timber ,and with original patina.

Fully-serviced movement ,excellent time-keeping . Replaced quality brass finials standing on reeded blocks to top of hood. Prophetically inscribed to dial "THE MOMENT PAST LAYD MANY FAST ". London type top quality case with brass stop-flutes to quarter columns on trunk and to columns on hood with brass caps. Flame-veneered long door to trunk with arch top. The base of case with moulded applied decoration, the whole raised on a double plinth base. (Keys to hood,case and movement)

H 96".
England c.1785.
Ref: ML 140
Price: £6,250

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C19th Regency period mahogany twin-pillar dining table.
C19th Regency period mahogany twin-pillar dining table with 2 leaves on 3-splay bases with turned columns .

Supported on well-turned pedestal columns with triple moulded sabre-legs.

Has 1 extra original leaf + 1 additional well-matched period timber leaf extension, together with detachable twin-support action.

The leaf options create a highly versatile dining table to comfortably seat up to 8 to 10 people ,or can be reduced to a compact 'breakfast table' size.

The classic design offering comfortable seating with both good leg-room and height, for accommodating both chair and diner.

Good original colour ,finish and condition. Minor marks and stains to surface commensurate with age , use and purpose.

Fitted with all original fork-type brass clips and sockets .

Very elegant table with moulded legs and brass lions-claw castors .

H 30"
W 48"
L 48" (+ 69 " + 90" with leaves ) .
England c.1820
Ref: MLDN 29
Price: £6,200

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Monumental scale C19th Victorian period oak-cased wall-clock.
Monumental scale C19th Victorian period oak-cased wall-clock .Original painted Roman numeral white enamel dial with black steel hands ,brass bezel to glazed, hinged door and carved oak-leaf and acorn decoration to sides. Bearing the name of its maker William Manning ,Worcester, the clock is fitted with an hour-chiming weight-driven regulator dead-beat escapment with power maintainence. Stunning golden patina , with moulded sectional surround to clock-head, shaped tapering bottom case and arch panel door. Of visually stunning proportions and size, with great presence and of historical importance. "Clock-makers & Watch-makers of Central England" by Joseph McKenna , records William Manning at 96, High St., Worcester in 1830. By 1851 trading at 20, The Cross, and by 1864 trading as Manning and Manning, thence Manning & Co., from 1878-80. Probably made originally for public or institutional use , but could be considered as the ultimate in kitchen ,barn or loft-space clock features. Complete with original lead weights, brass-cased pendulum and winding key. In working order.
H 76"
Dia (of head)34"
Dia (of face)24"
W (case) 20".
England c.1860
Ref: MLSC 126
Price: £6,000

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Fine pair of C19th Italian 'Grand Tour' souvenir carved alabaster lions after Antonio Canova.
Fine pair of C19th Italian 'Grand Tour' souvenir carved alabaster lions after Antonio Canova . Excellent quality pair of carved lions originally sculpted by Antonio Canova (1757-1822) for the monumental tomb of Pope Clement XIII in St.Peter's Basilica ,Vatican City, Rome in 1792.

The original lions were carved by Canova from travertine marble , whilst copies were carved in the workshops of Rome from various marbles and stones for sale to 'Grand Tourists' ,as souvenirs from their classical tour and visit to the Eternal City.

Shown reclined on block bases , one lion is depicted sleeping , whilst the other is vigilant ; a detail said to represent the Pope's moderation and vigilance respectively.

Skilfully carved in alabaster with excellent true detail , the pair are mounted on Belgo Nero black marble bases. Great detail to mane ,face and bodies ,in accurate representation of the originals .The alabaster bodies have the appearance and colour of the the prized Carrara marble as used by the leading Renaissance and neo-classical sculptors.

Excellent condition and of good scale ,with minor nicks to the square edges of the alabaster bases. No breaks ,losses or repairs.

Examples grace the great country-house and museum collections of the world .

W 10.5"
H 6.5"
D 4"
Italy c.1850
Ref: ML 163
Price: £6,000

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Exceptional late C18th George III period Sheraton-design mahogany 'chevrette' or writing table of rare form.
Exceptional late C18th George III period Sheraton-design mahogany 'chevrette' or writing table of rare form .

High quality table after a Thomas Sheraton design of free-standing construction , simulated drawer to front frieze and polished all round . Removable/lift-off bookcase top and drawer section with hooped carrying arm and baize-lined bottom edge. The easel-action reading slope with ratchet and gilded brass hinges, with removable reeded mahogany book-rest located into ivory-lined location holes.

All complete with original steel keys and fitted with all original turned ivory drawer pulls and diamond-shaped ivory escutcheons.

The ends fitted with drawers , one with conventional opening , the other of swivel-action hinged demi-lune form opening to reveal pen-tray ,ink-bottles and divided compartments.

Fine grade of mahogany with box-wood stringing throughout.
Shaped under-tier platform with conforming box-wood string inlay.
Raised on square-section box-wood strung legs , terminating in original brass box castors.

In excellent original condition throughout.
Excellent original colour and rich patina.

A wonderful example of a piece of classic late C18th Sheraton restrained-design furniture.
Clearly the work of a high-class London cabinet-maker , probably by George Seddon & Sons or Gillows. Both firms were renowned for their quality cabinet-making and prolific out-put during the last quarter of the C18th.

Some minor historic marks and scratches to top , commensurate with age and use.

("Gillows Furniture Designs 1760-1800 " by Lindsay Boynton,
illustrates a pencil sketch for a similar "Shevret" (sic) fig. no. 150., of less complicated form.)

Provenance: Property of a Worcestershire gentleman.

H (full) 45"
H (table top) 29"
W 24"
D 16"
England c.1790
Ref: ML 166
Price: £5,250

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Early C19th Regency period rosewood gilt brass-mounted and parcel-gilt 2-part bookcase .
Early C19th Regency period rosewood gilt brass-mounted and parcel-gilt 2-part bookcase. Extremely smart quality 4-door rosewood bookcase of slim proportions and small scale. Retaining its original wire-mesh grille panel doors of twin cross-over diamond design (minor losses to wire). Gilt-brass mouldings framing the wire doors and outlining the panelled uprights create a striking contrast with the richly figured timber. The simple flared cornice with parcel-gilt decoration, repeated beneath the waist section.
Gilded brass reeded 'slamming' strips applied to central door uprights. Well-figured rosewood veneers throughout, original black-painted interior and 6 panel back-boards. Fitted with original double flush-fitting brass door-bolts top and bottom.
Original locks and key. Fitted with 5 moveable ladder-rack shelves with rosewood veneered facings (3 shown). The whole raised on plinth base.

Excellent colour and patina, good original condition throughout.
Cleaned and waxed ready to use.
H 68"
D 8.5"
D(of interior)8"
W 36.5"
England c.1815
Ref: MLBO 1401
Price: £5,250

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Impressive late C19th large-scale Italian carved serpentine marble 'Grand Tour' souvenir sculpture ,after the antique , "The Dying Gaul".
Impressive late C19th large-scale Italian carved serpentine marble 'Grand Tour' souvenir sculpture,after the antique, "The Dying Gaul". Impressive carved marble version of the iconic ancient marble statue of the defeated and mortally wounded Gallic or Celtic warrior, the Roman marble version now exhibited in the "Hall of the Galatian" ,The Capitoline Museums, Rome. A copy of the lost Hellenistic bronze original from the 3rd Century BC , the Roman marble was rediscovered in the C17th whilst excavations were being made at the 'Villa Ludovisi' in Rome ,first recorded in an inventory of 1623.

The wounded warrior with a bleeding sword puncture to his chest ,is depicted wearing his neck torc , and lying upon his shield with his discarded martial equipment and trumpet strewn around him. Well-defined carved torso and musculature , the facial expression and pose capturing the vanquished state of the defeated Gaul. The subject is shown naked with the exception of a modesty fig-leaf. Mounted upon an integral moulded oval base.

This sculpture having been skilfully hewn and carved from a single block of Italian green serpentine marble , with a highly-polished finish to the deeply patinated and figured stone . 'Verde Prato' serpentine stone has been quarried near to Prato , North-West of Florence , Italy , for centuries.

A highly sought-after image by wealthy C19th 'Grand Tourists' and connoisseur collectors , examples of the statue grace many of the world's finest museums and country-houses.
Large casts can be seen in the gardens of Blenheim Palace and also Rousham House , Oxfordshire ,England.

This large marble sculpture has been professionally cleaned and subject to some minor historic repairs . Presented in good original condition with no losses , with only minor evidence of old repairs.
W 28"
H 18"
D 13"
Italy c.1880

Ref: ML1509
Price: £5,200

[ click a photo to enlarge ]
Early C19th Regency period mahogany double-sided pedestal 'partners' desk.
Early C19th Regency period mahogany double-sided pedestal 'partners' desk . Well-proportioned 3-part pedestal desk of excellent quality in good original condition. Good grade of figured mahogany with "quilted" grain. Classic arrangement of nine drawers ,with three drawers to reverse and 2 cupboards . The square-panelled opposing cupboards , one fitted with shelf , the other with shaped folio dividers. All drawers are cedar-lined with quartered dust-beads to the corners ,quality dove-tails and brass-screwed bases to the rear. Fitted with brass locks (working key to centre drawer and rear cupboards), and drawers are fitted with turned mahogany knob pulls (3 quality matching replacements)and fitted with brass key estucheons.
The replaced single-piece black leather top has been 'blind-tooled' with a classical anthemion motif and border , with rubbed gold-line inner ,imitating the worn-out original. Raised on original wooden-wheel castors concealed beneath the stepped plinth.

Good-size 'knee-hole' opening ,to accommodate an office or library chair .

Original rich patina ,with some marks and colour variation commensurate with age and use.
Cleaned, waxed and checked in our workshops , ready to use.

**NB This desk was bought from a VAT registered company and as such has been priced subject to VAT at standard rate included , therefore a VAT registered company or business purchasing the desk would be entitled to claim back the VAT content (ie .800)

H 30.5"
W 60"
D 38"
Kneehole W 26" x H 24.5"
England c. 1825
Ref: MLMC 1502
Price: £4,800

[ click a photo to enlarge ]
Set of 6 early C19th Charles X period French mahogany Empire-design armchairs/fauteuils
Set of 6 early C19th Charles X period French mahogany Empire-design armchairs/fauteuils. Rare set of 6 salon armchairs with fine Empire-style carved details. Lotus carved arms with anthemion/palmette motifs, standing on gently-swept sabre legs. The top rail with carved architectural pediment surmount . Excellent colour and condition , with old surviving striped cut-velvet and brocaded braid upholstery in highly-servicable condition.
Good scale and presence .
Strong ,sound frames with only minor evidence of historic treated wood-worm.

Would split set and sell as pairs if desired on a price pro-rata basis .
France c.1830.
Ref: MLBO 144
Price: £4,800

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Late C18th Dutch marquetry walnut bureau.
Late C18th Dutch marquetry walnut cylinder bureau .

The retracting action cylinder front with exceptionally well-inlaid oval cartouche to centre. Rich figured walnut with floral marquetry and bombe-shaped base .

Excellent condition , no cracks to cylinder or sides. Fitted with shaped interior with drawers ,tambour centre door and pigeon-holes with original leather-inset writing panel . Neo-classical gilded handles, escutcheons and mounts ,sabots to feet.

H 46"
W 46"
D 24" .
Holland c.1780
Ref: ML 122
Price: £4,250

[ click a photo to enlarge ]
C18th George III period mahogany long-case clock
C18th George III period mahogany long-case clock .

Fitted with a five-pillar , 8-day ,hour-striking movement . Circular brass/steel dial with Roman numerals and seconds hand subsiduary dial .

All original ,great timber ,colour and patina. Brass stop-fluted quarter columns to trunk of case and brass finials to hood with raised fret central surmount.Signed "CARTER London " .

Good working order,and nice compact scale.

H 86".
England c. 1800
Ref: ML141
Price: £4,250


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